Girlfriends Greeting Card: “You Were There”


Girlfriends Greeting Card: “You Were There”
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“You Were There”

When I look at the beauty that is my life,
I realize that there were some tough times.
There were times that I didn’t think I could bear;
but you were there every step of the way.
Remember when we…?
And remember that time that we…?
And remember when he broke my heart?
You were there.
We had fun times,
we went to great places,
we stayed up all night talking,
we literally shopped until we dropped,
we cried together on the phone,
we had play dates with our children,
we talked ourselves through the tragedies.
One of the greatest things that has defined my life
has been to have you as a friend,
a confidant,
a sister.
Without our friendship –
thankfully I don’t have to go there!
Thanks for being more than just another female,
thanks for being my true friend.