Lametrea Marie
Lametrea Marie

Our business is romance! Our tagline: Start a conversation… in your heart suggests, if you’re in a relationship and want it to thrive, that you take some time out to reflect on your relationship and begin to think deeply about what you can do to let that special person in your life know how much you love and care about them — not just once a year or on that special occasion, but throughout the year. It need not be a surprise trip around the world or a three-carat, princess cut diamond ring (unless that’s within your reach!), but rather something spontaneous, simple, and most of all, heartfelt: a call or text in the middle of the day with the message: “I love you. That’s all I wanted.”, or a romantic greeting card that conveys the message “I was just thinking about you.” That’s the mission of Marie’s Musings™, i.e., to assist you to increase the frequency of those “just because” moments thereby igniting your romance and enhancing your relationship, nurturing it for the long haul. Our romantic greeting cards and other gifts seek to capitalize on this concept and to make it easy for you.

Greeting CardsOur product line has now been expanded to include 21 romantic greeting cards, romantically themed gift bags, note cards, tee shirts for men and women, and designer coffee mugs; and The Engagement Kit, which contains an elegantly designed chocolate gift bag with the words “Just say ‘Yes.’” along with other items to assist in popping the question in the most delicious of ways. Additionally, we are proud to feature a line of uniquely designed, ultra-modern wedding invitations entitled LES VOEUX (French for “Vows”). Included in this line is a separate postcard invitation, for those seeking the requisite elegance and romance in a more compact and economically priced design.

We have many important relationships in our lives, and as women, our relationship with our girlfriends is vital, supportive and important to our emotional well-being. In recognition of that, Marie’s Musings™ began to release products in the “Girlfriends” line early in 2016. Our new “Girlfriends” line of products now boasts four set greeting cards, designer tee shirts, coffee mugs, wine flutes, tote bags. Also, we now have two pages that feature somesome of the same items, but exclusivly features our line of friendly items.

Breast Cancer Awareness Coffee Mug

We are always busy at work developing new products designed to assist you to keep your romance alive and fabulously passionate and new ways to bring our products to you!

We at Marie’s Musings™ look forward to continuing to grow and expand our business with you. We love feedback, and we need it so that we can be your romantic right hand – there with what you need just when you need it! So I encourage you to contact us at or at 312.952.2424 with your feedback.

Thanks so much for your continued support of our small business. Have a romantic year!

Lametrea Marie
Sole Proprietor, Marie’s Musings™