Have All of Your Romantic Dreams Come True in 2016?

NOW is a great time to start thinking about how to improve your romantic life this year! Do you want to create more spontaneous romantic events? Think about those important dates coming up and mark them on your calendar! (Or you can subscribe to our "Datetaker" service - send us your email or cell # along with the date at purchase@mariesmusings.com; and we'll send you a two-week advance reminder!) Are you thinking engagement? Do you want to plan a great vacation for the two of you? Is there a big anniversary coming up this year? Whatever the occasion, plan now to spend as much time together as you can this year. Be passionate. Passion influences the heart to action!

And remember, we're happy to assist with our romantic products! Also, see our products on Etsy.

Have a romantic day!

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Coffee Mug

    Breast Cancer Cup

    This limited edition coffee mug was designed specially for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is the first product in the Girlfriends” line of products dedicated to breast cancer efforts! “Girlfriends Help You Heal,” which is so very important to those struggling with this disease, is the poignant message that appears on the front of our designer cup in pink. Above that is the “Girlfriends” brand, and on the back is the breast cancer logo in pink, with our website address just below. It’s cute and attractive, and it’s also for such a good cause.

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  • Secrets Last Forever With Girlfriends

    Secrets Last Forever With Girlfriends

    Secrets Last Forever With Girlfriends tshirt

    $20.00 Select options
  • Dream Big Box Assortment

    Greeting Cards: Box Set

    The box set of 16 is available for $68, and comes with two sample note cards

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