The List


Card of the Month for March


The List

For longer than I care to remember
I’ve kept this list.
The list told me what I wanted
in that perfect someone.
According to the list,
I would know instantly
if I was in love.
I consulted the list.
I trusted the list.
time and again,
what appeared to be my perfect match
never matched up.
Then, one day,
I saw you.
There you were.
And here I was,
without my list.
I quickly realized
that I didn’t need the list.
I knew that you fulfilled
every list requirement and more.
I suddenly knew, at first sight,
that my heart was to do the talking
from now on.
My heart now spoke:
“The List is history.”
Now, I have a new list:
love you every day of my life,
cherish every waking moment in your presence,
and thank my God above
for the beauty that is you.
Marry me.

Marry me, please.