My Heart is Crying


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My Heart is Crying

Long ago,
from the time that I first laid my eyes on you,
you took ownership
of my heart.
I knew right then,
at that moment in time
that you would always
own me.
I tried, however,
in the years to come
to avoid relinquishing total control
over my heart
to you.
But the lie I told was to myself.
Anyone who knew my story knew
that I would never stop
loving you.

And I knew.
So on this day of days,
I surrender my heart
to you,
as I commit to love you
till the end of days,
confident that my heart
has been entrusted
to the love of my life,
the only one who could
care for my heart,
cherish my heart,
nourish my heart.
Yes, my heart is crying tears of joy,
overflowing, on this day,
as I pledge to love no other,