Hot Sticky Cool


The card-of-the month for June 2015


Hot, Sticky, Cool

A man and a woman in love;
what’s more beautiful than that?
The passion, the steam, the heat!
Compelling reasons to be together,
to stay together,
to stick together.
No barriers, no excuses, no interference.
Locked together by a oneness of soul –
a vision
a recognition of time
a commitment to dream
while living in the moment.
To love hard,
to love deeply,
to feel every emotion,
to fulfill counterpart desires,
to bring fantasies to life,
to indulge guilty pleasures.
Fiery passion,
a commitment for life,
a love that cannot be denied.
Now that’s cool.

Finalist entry for the 2014 National Stationery Show ‘Best New Product” competition!